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Jul. 3rd, 2013

red rose


The Stones in Concert, part 6

Today I dragged up something from the 1989/90 Steel Wheels tour...it's nothing too especially special, but it's a good one to watch Keith having fun! It's the first tour to happen after mum and dad's big fight in the 80s, so I like to see the excitement of the crowd - I bet lots of them thought they wouldn't get to see the Stones tour again!

Also, that is one elaborate stage!

Jul. 2nd, 2013

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The Stones in Concert, part 5

Today's video is from the 1975 tour, with the Stones doing their classiest, most refined song ever. Haah. There's a pretty big difference between this and 1972 (and it's not all down to Ronnie Wood replacing Mick Taylor), but it's still an enjoyable Stones performance! Emphasis on the word "performance"...

Mick's started to get into his "I don't need to pronounce words when I sing!" phase (seriously...listen to live recordings from '75-'77ish, you'll see what I mean), but at least Keith really delivers on the solo! Don't let me get into that blow-up thing...I feel fairly secure in blaming Jagger wholeheartedly for that!

Jul. 1st, 2013

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The Stones in Concert, part 4

This one's probably a bit of a cheater, since most Stones fans have probably watched Ladies & Gentlemen multiple times by now...but if I'm posting a week of the Stones doing concerts, I really can't neglect the 1972 tour! It's that good, you know.

Mick's hilarious jumpsuits notwithstanding.

Jun. 30th, 2013

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The Stones in Concert, part 3

HOW have I never stumbled across this before?! Today I bring you a video from 1981; while on tour, the Stones & entourage went to the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago one night to see Muddy Waters. Of course, they ended up coming up one by one to join Muddy onstage, and this was all "fortunately" captured on camera. So saith the description of the video, but I find it slightly hard to believe these professional cameramen just happened to be at this gig to record the Stones. What a coincidence, right?! Suuuure.

Spur of the moment or not, it's really brilliant. The Stones (or some of them, anyway) playing blues in a club, with bonus Muddy Waters...what more could you want? (Seems the whole hour-long show's on DVD...)

How cool does Keith look here, by the way? Especially note the whiskey, the climbing on tables, and the solo!

Oh, and also, passing the word along - if you haven't watched the Stones performance Saturday night at Glastonbury yet, do!! There's a good version here if it's still up...

Jun. 29th, 2013

red rose


The Stones in Concert, part 2

Since yesterday I posted a performance from 2013, I though I'd go back a few years (or nearly fifty) for today. This is from 1965, with the most unnaturally well-behaved audience I've ever seen at a mid-60s Stones show! Which I should be thankful for, because this is also probably the best sound quality I've ever heard from a live mid-60s Stones show!



Steve Winwood at Glastonbury 1971

I went to see Steve Winwood live last Monday on the Manchester leg on his tour. Well it was technically Salford - a joke that ran though the whole show from the support act to when Steve Winwood came on stage as to where they actually were!

It was a brilliant show. He only did two songs from his 80s pop period, the rest of them came from his Spencer Davis, Traffic and Blind Faith era. I was very happy that he did Can't Find My Way Home, and Dear Mr. Fantasy.

Anyway, Steve's playing Glastonbury tonight, but it appears he's on a stage where they're not filming! So, in lieu of the BBC not showing his set, here's Traffic from 1971 when they played a the first ever Glastonbury Festival in 1971. A storming version of Gimmie Some Loving!

Man - those hippies can dance!

Jun. 28th, 2013

red rose


The Stones in Concert, part 1

It's been exactly a week since I got to see the Rolling Stones in concert, when they played their second show in Philadelphia, and to share a bit of Stones joy, I think I'll post a week's worth of videos of the Stones playing live, in their many, many concerts through the years. (Meant to do this last week actually, in a much more timely fashion, but I completely forgot.)

And just a little writeup of the concert, for those of you that haven't gotten to see them on this tour and might like to hear how they're doing!

Well, I'm talkin' 'bout the midnight rambler...Collapse )

But anyway. Here's a YouTube video of the "Midnight Rambler" I got to see.

Jun. 4th, 2013



The Rolling Stones on Downton Abbey?

Yes, this story is doing the rounds on a few news websites - apparently the Rolling Stones are big fans of Downton Abbey, and Hugh Bonneville want to appear in the drama.

If The Rolling Stones joined Downton Abbey...

Hugh Bonneville is quoted as saying he'd like to see them appear as a "rag-tag bunch of travelling entertainers or even a circus act".

This would be so cool if it ever happened! Mick would try to sleep with everyone, Keef would drink the house and the village dry, Charlie would out dress them all at dinner and Woody would beat them all at after dinner billiards!

Apr. 2nd, 2013

red rose


(no subject)

Signed Beatles album sells for $290,000.

Wow. Purchased by "an unnamed buyer from the Midwest." Wasn't any of you, was it? Want to share? ;)

Mar. 7th, 2013



Perviously Unpublished Photos of the Beatles from 1963

I thought I'd post a link to these previously unpublished photos of the Beatles, which my local paper featured today. These photos were taken by a fan in 1963 when they played the Rialto Theatre in York.

Dealer tells of steady rise in value of Beatles memorabilia

The Rialto theatre was also the one that Keith Richards talks about in his autobiography where Stones played in 1964, and the girls got so excited they wet the seats!

Sadly, the Rialto theatre was pulled down in the 90s and a bingo hall now stands on the site. However, the Edinburgh Arms pub where the acts used to stay still stands.

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