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Queen Bee

captain_plant in classicrockmen

I've been gone since, like, forever.

Okay, I had a huge bout with laziness, school eating my time, and a bunch other things, yet I still found time to do slash but that's another story, so I present a lot of scans that I've done to make up for lost time. And because of Tumblr, I like adding the dates of the photos. In addition, if you want to use any of them, it's alright, you don't need to ask.

Definitely NOT dial-up friendly.

Mick at Stonehenge, 1968.

This is the only picture that I've not scanned out of this bunch. I've never seen a color photo of Mick, Keith, Gram, Anita, and Marianne when they went to Stonehenge, so I had to throw this one in here.

Keith, 1969.

Hyde Park, July 5, 1969

Mick at Heathrow airport waiting for his flight to Switzerland, September 1970.

One of my favorite shots of Mick.

Mick and Marianne outside Marlborough Street Magistrates Court in London after hearing the charges relating to alleged possession of cannabis, May 29, 1969.

Either the humidity is brutal or Mick just took a bath.

Keith and Anita lounge at home, December 9, 1969.

Mick at Dynamic Sound, Kingston, Jamaica, December 1972.

The Stones taking a break from a small tour of Scotland, 1965.

Mick, T.OT.A. (Tour of the Americas), 1975.

I tend to find Mick a lot in my school library.

Brian, 1967.

Charlie at the Rock and Roll Circus, December 12, 1968.

At Stephen Stills' house, California, 1969.

The mock banquet for the release of Beggars Banquet, December 5, 1968.

On the set of Ready, Steady, Go!, 1965.

Keith appearing for court, 1977.

Charlie and Keith prepare to board a flight after the events at the Altamont concert in California, December 1969.

And I am done.


Spam spam glorious spam! *claps like a seal* If you see me with a new Stones icon round here, you'll know which set of pictures it came from!

Such good ones; a lot I've never seen. Like those first two from Scotland, 1965...the one of Mick facedown on the green just about killed me laughing! "Wheee!" And the one of Keith going to court in '77...who's the best-looking heroin addict, Keef? You are!
Yeah, I totally missed spamming these guys--I've been buying a lot of Stones books lately and I have a gazillion more photos I've scanned /hint hint in the future.

I would like to know what made Mick trip and fall on the ground, but he looks like he's having too much fun about it.
I've a sneaking suspicion that's a "wheeeee, I'm hiiiigh!" faceplant, but what do I know? xD I mean, can you imagine the young Stones golfing, anyway? In the group shots Mick looks like he's in a sulk because he's losing, and the way Brian's holding the club looks like he's spent his time swinging it at people!

And I would most definitely approve of more picspams! Have at it!
Amazing photos! Love the ones of Mick at Stonehenge. Mick's hair in the Court photos - yes, I think he must have just washed it! And that one from 1965 of them playing golf in colour - wow! It's quite epic the way they're lined up.

But basically, I love all these pic. Thank you for posting them ♥
I've always loved the Stonehenge pictures because they look so glamorous and tired at the same time. And I know I'm all for Mick growing his hair out, but man, he looks like he does need a haircut, and I think it was quite humid that day, or a bath. Either way, they both look fabulous.

And thank you for enjoying them!
those were some very lovely pictures!! love all the early ones w/ brian bc I never seen enough of them & charlie at rock and roll circus!!!

thank you for the spam!!
Charlie at the Circus just looks so stylish and dapper. Even when dressing up, he looks quite collected.

And thank you for for your time.

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