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clarey_h in classicrockmen

The Who - Quadrophenia Interview With Pete Townshend

So much Quadrophenia stuff about at the moment! Here's a very recent interview with Pete about the new boxset:-

He also reveals that if you buy the boxset you'll get a password to a website where you can download more tracks and print off PDF copies of the lyrics. The boxset is out on 14th November 2011.


"They can print out the lyrics...if they can afford the ink!" Hahaha, yes, Pete, after buying that set, I won't have any money left for ink! But all those extras online, how cool! Yes, Pete, I believe you've convinced me I cannot live without owning the Quadrophenia super-awesome-deluxe-whatever edition.

I just wish it and the Some Girls set weren't coming out within a week of each other, because I WANT them both!
At least he's coming up with ideas to get people to spend money and not illegally download stuff by proving things like pictures and special downloads that you have to part with your money to get. He can't complain he's not doing his bit to ward off the digital vampires!

I'm torn too because Quadrophenia is my favourite Who album, but I've decided I'm not going to buy the boxset because it's way too expensive. I might buy the deluxe edition (for £12) with my Christmas money. I'll see what the reviews are like first. I would really like it on vinyl ;op

I'm more amused with the Pete interview that he has archivists - how do you get a job like that???
Hahaha, I'd like to know how you land that job as Townshend archivist (or one of them - since it's apparently plural! Even better)! Do you have to be a mad fan or would that be a disadvantage (getting sidetracked, with an "OOO look what I found!!" every five minutes)?

It is really expensive...the Live at Lees one wasn't nearly that pricey! And Leeds came with vinyl, too (less of Pete's Opinions, more music!). Well, I can't afford either set til after my Gettysburg weekend, so I've got time to think!
Yeah, maybe being a mad fan and doing that job wouldn't be ideal. I'd just be looking at pics of John all day!

I worked out buying the Quadrophenia boxset, would be the same as two weeks of food shopping. Mmm... do I starve for two weeks or do I buy a set of CDs and a book? Sorry Pete, I'm not that mad a fan!

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