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red rose

mandie_rw in classicrockmen

Happy birthday Mick!

If I had the time I'd put together a whole glorious picspam of Mick pictures, because this is quite the birthday for Mick (WOW OLD) - but this is a very very busy week for me, so I'll just leave you with this video. I think it's been posted before, and dammit, I will be posting it again, because I enjoy it THAT MUCH.

(Maybe I'll do a belated birthday picspam next week for you!)


Isn't it excellent? I mean, four minutes of Mick strutting his stuff (and shaking his ass!)...what's not to love? xD

*holds hand up* I swear on Jagger's hips that I shall put together a belated birthday picspam!

Edited at 2013-07-27 04:51 am (UTC)
Always a favourite video of mine - glad you're posted it again as I never grow tired of this!

I was laughing my socks off the other day because on Twitter as apparently Harry Styles tweeted a happy birthday to Mick Jagger and it confused a lot of One Direction fans because they thought he was called McJagger as in the woefully misheard lines from the Keisha song "kick him to the curb unless he looks like McJagger"!!!

Yes, please do a Mick Jagger picspam soon.
McJagger! Oh, no, I've never heard that! *howls with laughter* People are silly.

I've got my internet back now (it was in transition for a couple days!) so a picspam should be coming soon!
It's the funniest thing I've heard for weeks! I think he should change his name to McJagger to appeal to the youth of today, they obviously like it! I follow a twitter account called @harrymycatdied that just retweets all the batshit crazy tweets people send to Harry Styles in an attempt to get him to follow them back. It's mostly people tweeting at him that their cat has died, so they're really upset and want him to follow them back - but it gets even more crazy than that (like the McJagger thing!).

Glad you're got your internet back, I'm now back from my hols so pic of the day will re-start today.
Ahaha, nobody tell Mick, or he'll consider being Sir McJagger as the Latest Thing for whatever New Solo Project he's cooking up! That Twitter sounds hilarious...I can only imagine the kinds of things mad fans tweet! (Oh wow, can you imagine the kinds of things fans would've tweeted to the Beatles &tc. back in the 60s if they'd had Twitter?!)
Oh I didn't think of that - he'd probably like that name! It doesn't bear thinking about what stuff would have been tweeted if Twitter existed back in the day! The only equivalent I can think of is I once read about a teenage Who fan who used to write to them every day and they (or the fanclub) never responded so he dad went to the papers to complain!

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