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Dec. 18th, 2013



Happy birthday to Keef!

Cheers, man. What a life.

I wanted to post a video of the Stones in Australia in '73 - it's just prior to an interview, and there's this journalistic voiceover as they all walk in. And Keith gets something along the lines of, "Deadly nightshade. He won't see seventy." Well don't you just feel silly, Reporter Person; he's probably outlived you! Anyway I couldn't find it, so here's a classic picture of Keith instead.

Nov. 12th, 2013



Wednesday Post: Badfinger

Here's a great song from a perhaps not-terribly-well-known band, Badfinger. (They've got some tragic history; after initial success and some hits, they lost their financial backing, and eventually two members of the band committed suicide.) The song was released in '71, while the footage in this video's from '72.

And a fun fact: George Harrison plays some of the slide guitar on this track. The band was signed to the Apple label at the time, and a couple of them played on George's All Things Must Pass and a Ringo solo album as well.


Nov. 7th, 2013

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(Somewhat belated) Wednesday Post!

Bowie day!

Love this song, and this is a really excellent performance of it from 1973.

And then here's a Bowie-style-through-the-years I found floating around...I find his transformations of musical, persona, and fashion styles to be so interesting!
Cut for largeness...Collapse )

Oct. 23rd, 2013

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Wednesday Post

(I suppose I should call it a Hump Day post, since I had the idea to post a fun song/video/what-have-you halfway through the work-week...but that just sounds awful.)

Anyway, today's an old favorite - of mine anyway! - the Small Faces' "Lazy Sunday." It's a great song, and a great video!

Oct. 9th, 2013

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Dave Davies documentary film

(Fundraising and promo for it here) Looks like there's a film about Dave in the works - they'll be filming his current tour and seem to be aiming for a release next spring. I receive any and all films about my favorite bands with infinite glee, so I had to share this! And I'm so glad Dave's well enough to tour!

(He'll actually have a show within reasonable driving distance of me, but I knew when I bought that Rolling Stones ticket, that was my concert budget for the whole year! Sigh. Really wish I could go! And then Ray's doing a book signing in New York City the end of this month, which I can also get to, though that's a pricey train ticket. If I'm not scheduled to work, though... Davies brothers, why you want all my moneys??)

Oct. 4th, 2013

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David Bowie style article

Came across a little article about David Bowie's ever-changing style I thought might interest: Changes: David Bowie as a style icon

I'm only a casual Bowie fan, but personally I think I enjoy the Aladdin Sane persona most. That lightning bolt is so iconic!

Aug. 14th, 2013



I Can't Help It!


Jul. 26th, 2013

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Happy birthday Mick!

If I had the time I'd put together a whole glorious picspam of Mick pictures, because this is quite the birthday for Mick (WOW OLD) - but this is a very very busy week for me, so I'll just leave you with this video. I think it's been posted before, and dammit, I will be posting it again, because I enjoy it THAT MUCH.

(Maybe I'll do a belated birthday picspam next week for you!)

Jul. 5th, 2013

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The Stones in Concert, part 7

(Sorry I missed a day yesterday; I got sidetracked by barbeques and beers and fireworks and all those super-American things for the 4th! Back now.)

Last day of the Stones in concert - though I could probably keep posting them indefinitely, let's be honest! There are so many. Think I've posted this here before, a while back, but it's worth another watch! The Stones at the Marquee Club, 1971. It's almost 40 minutes, but well worth it...if you've only time for one song, go to about 14:35 for "Midnight Rambler"...we started the week off with it so we can finish with it! Great footage.

Plus, Mick in a sparkly jacket.

Annnd, one more try for Glastonbury 2013 videos... Jumpin' Jack Flash and Glastonbury Girl...see how long these stay up!

Jul. 3rd, 2013



The Stones - Return to Hyde Park 2013

And I just had to add in this recently posted little clip talking about Hyde Park...Charlie and Keith, you two are the best. Never change. *grins broadly*

"Don't pick something I can't fuckin' remember...!"

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